The Synroc waste treatment plant at ANSTO


ANSTO is currently constructing a Synroc waste treatment facility to treat waste from the newly expanded Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) production facility, being constructed as part of the ANSTO Nuclear Medicine project. The Synroc plant will also treat legacy waste from past production.


Key benefits of Synroc technology include:

  • Flexible technology capable of treating waste from past and future Mo-99 production
  • Large volume reductions
  • Reduces transport and disposal costs
  • Regulatory approval to build the expanded Mo-99 production facility was predicated on implementing a safe, secure waste management system that Synroc provides.





Read the latest updates about the Synroc waste treatment plant below.


Synroc 200x145

Synroc: Australian innovation increases technology readiness for waste treatment plant

An update on Synroc, an Australian innovation to store nuclear waste from the production of nuclear medicine. More





















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