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Synroc is ANSTO’s waste treatment technology designed to lock up high-level nuclear waste providing a safe and secure method for final disposal.

Synroc is an innovative platform technology that offers significant cost and schedule savings via:

  • Higher waste loadings
  • Enhanced chemical durability
  • Increased processing flexibility
  • Minimal off-gas emissions.

A tailored solution

The waste form is the key component of the immobilisation process.  It determines: the type of nuclear waste that can be immobilised, how well the waste is locked up and ultimately the number of disposal canisters required (waste loading).

The expertise of the Synroc team lies in tailoring the design of the waste form, and associated process technology, to suit the unique characteristics of the waste, which enables cost savings and performance benefits to be realised. 

Safe, secure and sustainable

Synroc is a safe, secure and sustainable waste treatment technology capable of treating a broad range of radioactive wastes to meet international requirements for long-term disposal.

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