About Radiation Services


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ANSTO is an internationally recognised leader in radiation safety management. The team of experts at ANSTO's Radiation Services division have many years' experience in a wide range of industries and specialist services. 

ANSTO staff maintain and operate many radiation facilities including ANSTO's Open Pool Australian Lightwater (OPAL) reactor, radiopharmaceutical research laboratories, radiopharmaceutical production facilities, waste management operations, uranium and rare earths processing pilot plants, particle accelerators and a gamma irradiator. 
Our radiation experts monitor and provide tailored advice to ensure the safety of your employees, the community and the environment, in line with relevant international and national regulations and standards. 
ANSTO is Australia’s leading provider of radiation training and services to a wide range of industries in both the public and private sector. 
ANSTO has more than 20 years experience providing calibration services in line with Australian standards.
For more information please read our brochure or contact radiationservices@ansto.gov.au