Our services

The team of radiation experts at ANSTO provide tailored expert advice, consultancy, calibrations and training to a wide range of industries.


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Consultancy services

ANSTO's experienced radiation consultancy team can provide sound, cost effective solutions to help Australian business and industry gain a competitive advantage and improve outcomes. Learn more

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Radiation training courses

ANSTO has been recognised as setting the benchmark for radiation safety training in Australia. Courses are suitable for all industry sectors including mining, health care, government, education, universities and research. Learn more

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Instrument calibration

ANSTO offers a comprehensive radiation instrument calibration service that meets the requirements of Federal and State regulators. Learn more

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Gamma irradiation and high dosimetry services

ANSTO Radiation Technology operates a range of cobalt-60 irradiators for small scale irradiation of a wide range of products, and to various doses.  Learn more.

For more information please contact ANSTORadiationServices@ansto.gov.au.