Australian Nuclear Medicine Traceability Program (ANMTP)

Developed by ANSTO Radionuclide Metrology in consultation with the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine (ANZSNM), the objective of the program is to support practitioners in accurate administration of nuclear medicine, improving health outcomes for patients.
ANSTO maintains the Australian standard for the activity of radionuclides by Authorisation of the Chief Metrologist of the National Measurement Institute (NMI) under the National Measurement Act 1960. As the national authority on radioactivity standards, ANSTO is authorised to provide certificates demonstrating traceability to the Australian standard.
The program is offered on an annual basis and includes certified traceability for a rotating schedule of radionuclides.


  • Improved accuracy and precision in the administration of radiopharmaceuticals through direct comparison with the Australian standard for radioactivity
  • Assistance to meet regulatory compliance obligations (e.g. ARPANSA Safety Guide to Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine)
  • Improved patient outcomes through ongoing accurate and reliable administration of radiopharmaceuticals
  • An onsite visit and dose calibrator measurement assessment by an ANSTO radionuclide metrologist
  • Australian Certified Reference Materials (calibration sources)
  • A measurement report
  • A certificate of traceability to the Australian Standard for the supplied Australian Certified Reference Materials

Registration for ANMTP

Registrations for ANMTP will open in July. The program will run from November - December. 
For more information please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or view the ANMTP information flyer.