Silicon Irradiation Services

ANSTO conducts neutron transmutation doping of silicon for the semiconductor industry worldwide. This animation explains the process at ANSTO.



Semiconductors have had an immeasurable impact on our society. Anything that's computerised, or uses radio-waves, depends on semiconductors, which are largely silicon based. Adding ‘dopant’ gradually turns a silicon crystal from a good insulator into a viable conductor.


Neutron Transmutation Doping can be used to dope silicon crystals by changing silicon atoms into phosphorous with neutron radiation. Neutron Transmutation Doping is superior to other available technologies producing homogeneous distribution of phosphorous atoms in the silicon crystal.


This achieves a better conductivity performance in electronic devices and is widely used by the semiconductor manufacturing industry in development of high power devices.


ANSTO conducts neutron transmutation doping of silicon for manufacturers of silicon wafers used in production of integrated circuits or single electronic devices which are used in a variety of industrial applications. Neutron Transmutation Doping  is a controlled process that creates a high-quality, homogeneous product.


The facilities in OPAL have the capacity to meet today’s increasing demand for irradiation of up to eight-inch diameter silicon ingots. ANSTO's silicon irradiation services operate under a certified AS/NZS ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality System, ensuring that a reliable and qualitative supply of NTD-silicon is provided to customers.


Key contact: Tanya Karma, Manager, ANSTO Silicon Irradiations
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