Past events

ANSTO archives a number of its major conferences and workshops from previous years. Links to those pages can be found below.     

Events held in 2014

SIEA 2014 media centre thumbnail


Workshop on Strain/ Stress scanning and imaging for engineering application

ANSTO, AINSE, and NCAM joined forces to help the Australian industry and academia increase the knowledge and practical skills of our engineers and researchers at the SIEA 2014 conference. Learn more.

PNCMI media centre thumbnail

Polarised neutrons for condensed matter investigations

The PNCMI conference covered the latest condensed-matter investigations using polarised neutrons and state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques of polarised-neutron production. Learn more


ATF media centre thumbnail


7th Accelerator Technology Forum

The ATF was an important platform for accelerator technicians and engineers from Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring regions to meet, discuss and exchange information relevant to maintenance, operation and management of accelerators and associated facilities. Learn more.