Inelastic neutron scattering school

Neutron school bannerIntroduction 

This school (PDF 494 KB) provides an introduction to inelastic neutron scattering techniques including hands-on experiments and data analysis conducted using triple axis, time-of-flight and backscattering instruments.  The school also includes a practical sample environment training session. 

About the school 


The Bragg Institute hosts 13 neutron scattering instruments.  The four spectrometers; Taipan, Pelican, Sika and Emu provide the capability to observe energy transfers between 1µeV – 60meV encapsulating science in fields as diverse as protein dynamics to phonon dispersion, from magnetic dynamics to observation of the hyperfine structure of the nucleus. 

During a one week intensive study course you will have the opportunity to perform cutting edge science on some of the world’s top neutron spectrometers. Scientists, engineers and technicians will be on hand to assist your learning experience, providing you with skills that you can utilise at neutron sources across the world.  

Who should attend?  


Graduate students, PhD students, post-doctoral and early-career researchers who want to learn about inelastic neutron scattering.  


Selection criteria


The school is open to both local and international participants, however there is a strict limit of 20 participants, to ensure small group sizes for the practical experiments. 

Applicants are requested to complete the application form with justification for their attendance. While previous knowledge of neutron scattering techniques is not essential, it is preferred. Preference will also be given to those applicants who can demonstrate a future need for inelastic neutron scattering techniques in their scientific research.




  Diversity statement 











Important information

  • Abstract submission:  31 July 2015
  • Notification of acceptance: 14 August 2015
  • Registration and payment: 30 September 2015
  • Download the Neutron School flyer (PDF 494 KB)

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