Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management Symposium 2017





The Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management symposium (SBNWM) originated at the Materials Research Society (MRS) meeting in 1978, and has continued annually with the symposium location alternating between the MRS meetings in the United States and international locations in countries that have active nuclear waste management research programs. Traditionally when the conference is held outside of the United States there is a tour of the nuclear facilities within the host country.


The symposium will focus on the treatment and disposal of low-intermediate and high-level nuclear wastes from commercial power generation, from medical isotope production, and from nuclear fuel reprocessing. Technologies for interim, short-term, and long-term storage and disposal are of interest as well as technologies and strategies for minimizing waste volume and long-term burden, including partitioning and transmutation.


Both spent fuel final disposal and waste forms development, including glass, ceramic, metallic, and composite will be discussed. Waste form modelling, performance testing, and advanced characterization techniques are also of interest. Other topics will include design and operation of waste immobilization facilities, as well as repository design, requirements, and licensing.


Technical visit


The last day of the conference, on Friday 03.11.2017, will allow participants to attend a tour of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) more details to follow shortly   


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Abstract submission deadline: 12.06.17

Notification of acceptance: 30.07.17

Proceeding submission: 24.11.17


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Location: Sydney, Australia
Dates: 29 October - 03 November, 2017

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