What is nuclear science?


Nuclear science is the study of the atomic world. In nuclear science, the word 'nuclear' means 'of or relating to or constituting the nucleus of an atom'. Atoms are the fundamental constituents of everything around us, and we ourselves are entirely composed of them.


Nuclear science is crucial to understanding our universe, our world and ourselves at the atomic level. If we can understand how atoms get together, interact, or can be best combined with other atoms, new, more efficient materials and drugs can be developed.


ANSTO and nuclear science

ANSTO scientists investigate areas as diverse as materials, life sciences, climate variability, mining and engineering. ANSTO's research capabilities, led by the OPAL nuclear research reactor and associated instruments, include accelerator-based and X-ray instruments and radiopharmaceutical laboratories.

While these facilities can be accessed through peer-reviewed, collaborative and commercial arrangements, ANSTO can also assist potential users by identifying nuclear-based techniques that meet their research needs.


Strong international collaborations with overseas counterparts and nuclear-focussed multinational organisations helps leverage Australia’s nuclear research capabilities, ensuring best practice, cutting-edge research and effective knowledge sharing.