Frequently Asked Questions about managing the return of waste


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Q. Who granted the required licenses to site, build and operate the interim-waste store?
A. ARPANSA considered the licence applications to site, build and operate the interim-waste store, and managed formal consultation around its approval processes. ANSTO operates Australia's only nuclear reactor and associated infrastructure at Lucas Heights.

Q. How and when can I make a submission?
A. Following a public consultation process, the CEO of ARPANSA decided to issue licences to ANSTO to site and construct a controlled facility at its Lucas Heights campus.

Q. What other organisations did you consult?
A. ANSTO consulted relevant Australian and NSW Government agencies, local government, and the medical and scientific community.

Q. Where can people get more information?
A. You can find more information from:
Department of Industry
or by calling ANSTO on (02) 9717 3111