Nuclear facts


Nuclear science is applied by ANSTO's scientists in many areas that are vital to Australia's future, including agriculture, industry and manufacturing, minerals construction, health and environment. Our work in development and applications of new knowledge and skills arises from world-class experience in nuclear science and technologies.


About nuclear science


Find out more about what radioactivity is, how radiation interacts with different materials, and how radiation is measured. Discover More.



Benefits of nuclear science


Study of the nucleus of the atom is a search for answers to some of the world's challenging problems. Discover More.

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Managing Radioactive Waste


The operation of ANSTO's research reactor, OPAL, produces small amounts of radioactive waste carefully managed. Discover More.

Waste Storage Homepage


Ionising Radiation


Ionising radiation and radioactive materials are widely used in medicine, industry, agriculture, environmental studies, pollution control and research. Discover More.

Ionising a world of radiation


Glossary of terms


This glossary provides definitions for many commonly used terms in nuclear science and which are displayed throughout ANSTO's website and ANSTO publications. Discover More.


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