ANSTO Research Portal- User Office


In order to conduct experiments you will need to:
  • Obtain an ANSTO security clearance
  • Complete the ANSTO Site Safety Training 
  • Organise travel and accommodation 
  • Organise sample transport to ANSTO
1. Security Information 
If you do not have an ANSTO security pass, please contact the ANSTO Research Portal- User Office and request initiation of the ANSTO security application process. Security clearances take a minimum of 6 weeks and up to 8 weeks depending on the level of clearance required, although it can take longer.
As the Principal Researcher you are required to check that all scientists involved in the experiment who will be coming to ANSTO have a valid security pass. If a person does not have a valid pass they will be refused entry to the ANSTO site. 
The ANSTO Security desk is open weekdays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The provision of information requested, in a timely and accurate manner, assists in the processing of the application without unnecessary delays. Any documents that are not in English must have an accompanying official translation. 
ANSTO security clearances are valid for five years. If you have a valid ANSTO security clearance please email the ANSTO Research Portal- User Office with your intended arrival and departure dates and your ANSTO security pass will be activated for your planned visit.
2. ANSTO Site Safety Training
Prior to arriving at ANSTO you must complete the ANSTO Site Safety Induction. This online training will take approximately 40 minutes. If you don’t complete this training, ANSTO Security will not issue your security pass. 
Before commencing the training, check with your ANSTO contact scientist to obtain the following details. This information is required to complete the training. 
  • ANSTO supervisor's name: 
  • ANSTO division: 
  • Building number: 
  • Start date: 
  • End date: 
To access the training go to and select the Site Safety Induction module.
The login details are as follows:
Username: induction
Password: safety

3. Travel and accommodation
The Lucas Heights Motel is located on-site and can be contacted on +61 2 8525 4400 or via email Alternatively, Sutherland Motel is close by and there is access to public transport. 
Public transport
ANSTO provides a regular and direct minibus service between ANSTO and Sutherland station on weekdays (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). You can catch the bus from the Sutherland bus interchange, adjacent to Sutherland Station, at Bus Bay B. The minibus will stop at the ANSTO motel and ANSTO reception. For other public transport options visit this link
Car rental services are available at Sydney Airport with desks located on the arrivals level at both terminals.
4. Organising your samples and experimental needs
Please discuss sample transport with your ANSTO contact scientist.
If you have any questions about your visit to ANSTO, please contact the ANSTO Research Portal- User Office.