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2017 highlights 

Calixarene hydrogels formed with electrolyte magnesium chloride increase in strength upon heating
(April 2017)

E.C. Barker, A.D. Martin, C.J. Garvey, C.Y. Goh, F. Jones, M. Mocerino, B.W. Skelton, M.I. Ogden and T. Becker


Explaining a long-standing thermodynamic inconsistency in the formation of a class of metallic glass
(March 2017)

S. Lan, Y. Ren, X.Y. Wei, B. Wang, E.P. Gilbert, T. Shibayama, S. Watanabe, M. Ohnuma and X.-L. Wang


Detached retina of laboratory animal “glued” with new hydrogel
(March 2017)

K. Hayashi, F. Okamoto, S. Hoshi, T. Katashima, D.C. Zujur, X. Li, M. Shibayama, E.P. Gilbert, U.-I. Chung, S. Ohba, T. Oshika and T. Sakai


Self-assembly of two diphenylamine-based peptide hydrogels
(March 2017)

A.D Martin, J.P. Wojciechowski, A.B. Robinson, C. Heu, C.J. Garvey, J. Ratcliffe, L.J. Waddington, J. Gardiner and P. Thordarson


Imaging the elusive oxygen ions in a new solid electrolyte
(March 2017)

M.L. Tate, D.A. Blom, M. Avdeev, H.E.A. Brand, G.J. McIntyre, T. Vogt and I. Radosavljevic Evans


Molecular geometry and magnetism of lanthanoid-based single-molecule magnets
(February 2017)

M. Vonci, M.J. Giansiracusa, W. Van den Heuvel, R.W. Gable, B. Moubaraki, K.S. Murray, D. Yu, R.A. Mole, A. Soncini and C. Boskovic


Low-activation and low-cost superconducting material for magnetic coils in next generation fusion reactors
(February 2017)

W. Qiu, H. Jie, D. Patel, Y. Lu, V. Luzin, A. Devred, M. Somer, M. Shahabuddin, J.H. Kim, Z. Ma, S.Xu. Dou and M.S. Al Hossain


Unexpected enhancement of water solubility of biomolecules
(February 2017)

G. Shi, Y. Dang, T. Pan, X. Liu, H. Liu, S. Li, L. Zhang, H. Zhao, S. Li, J. Han, R. Tai, Y. Zhu, J. Li, Q. Ji, R. A. Mole, D. Yu and H. Fang


Research clarifies origin of microstructures in rock found deep in the Earth’s crust and mantle
(January 2017)

L. Spruzeniece, S. Piazolo and H.E. Maynard-Casely


Promising new cathode materials for low-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells
(January 2017)

M. Li, M. Zhao, F. Li, W. Zhou, V.K. Peterson, X. Xu, Z. Shao, I. Gentle and Z. Zhu


2016 highlights 

Deciphering the formation history of the seismically active fault
(October 2016)

Li-Wei Kuo (NCU), Vladimir Luzin (ANSTO), and Kou-Fong Ma (NCU)


Detailed molecular structure of silver nanocrystals determined
(September 2016)

H. Yang, Y. Wang, X. Chen, X. Zhao, L. Gu, H. Huang, J. Yan, C. Xu, G. Li, J. Wu, A. J. Edwards, B. Dittrich, Z. Tang, D. Wang, L. Lehtovaara, H. Häkkinen and N. Zheng

One step closer to a fully-integrated magnonic device
(September 2016)

J. Bertinshaw, R. Maran, S.J. Callori, V. Ramesh, J. Cheung, S.A. Danilkin, W.T. Lee, S. Hu, J. Seidel, N. Valanoor and C. Ulrich

PELICAN provides crucial experimental evidence of unusual quantum state
(July 2016)

T. Haku, K. Kimura, Y. Matsumoto, M. Soda, M. Sera, D. Yu, R. A. Mole, T. Takeuchi, S. Nakatsuji, Y. Kono, T. Sakakibara, L.-J. Chang and T. Masuda

One step closer to finding a spin nematic phase
(April 2016)

B. Willenberg, M. Schäpers, A.U.B. Wolter, S.-L. Drechsler, M. Reehuis, J.-U. Hoffmann, B. Büchner, A.J. Studer, K.C. Rule, B. Ouladdiaf, S. Süllow and S. Nishimoto

A New Reference Material for Hydrogen and Carbon Stable Isotope-Ratio Measurements, from the NDF
(April 2016)

Tamim Darwish and Arndt Schimmelmann

Australian Synchrotron used to find structure of a new material that could be found on the surface of Saturn’s moon, Titan
(March 2016)

Helen E. Maynard-Casely, Robert Hodyss, Morgan L. Cable, Tuan Hoang Vu and Martin Rahm

Nuclear techniques reveal ‘tunability' of membranes for enhanced electrical conductivity in graphene
(March 2016)

Chi Cheng, Gengping Jiang, Christopher J. Garvey, Yuanyuan Wang, George P. Simon, Jefferson Z. Liu and Dan Li

Unravelling Deformation Textures in Himalayan Rocks
(March 2016)

Nicholas Hunter, Chris Wilson, Roberto Weinberg and Vladimir Luzin

Atomic structure behaves like gears and torsion springs to contribute to extreme compressibility
(January 2016)

Samuel G. Duyker, Vanessa K. Peterson, Gordon J. Kearley, Andrew J. Studer and Cameron J. Kepert

2015 highlights 

Pressure-induced superconductivity in the iron-based ladder material BaFe2S3
(July 2015)

Hiroki Takahashi, Akira Sugimoto Yusuke Nambu, Touru Yamauchi, Yasuyuki Hirata, Takateru Kawakami, Maxim Avdeev, Kazuyuki Matsubayashi, Fei Du, Chizuru Kawashima, Hideto Soeda, Satoshi Nakano, Yoshiya Uwatoko, Yutaka Ueda, Taku J. Sato and Kenya Ohgushi

Magneto-Electronic Based Hydrogen Gas Sensors
(July 2015)

Grace Causer, Mikhail Kostylev, Sara Callori, Chris Lueng and Frank Klose

Shedding light on phase transitions hidden in higher dimensions
(July 2015)

Garry McIntyre, Marie-Hélène Lemée-Cailleau and Bertand Toudic

Disorder by design to improve material properties of sodium-ion batteries
(May 2015)

Yuesheng Wang, Ruijuan Xiao, Yong-Sheng Hu, Maxim Avdeev and Liquan Chen

Residual stress formation in H13 tool steel produced by additive manufacturing
(February 2015)

Ryan Cottam and Vladimir Luzin

A simple method for bulk production of deuteration arylamines for the synthesis of deuterated optoelectronic organic molecules
(January 2015)

Anwen Krause-Heuer, Nageshwar Yepuri, Tamim Darwish and Peter Holden

2014 highlights 

Uncovering the magnetic interface of functional transition-metal-oxide thin films, with polarised neutron and resonant X-ray scattering.
(September 2014)

Joel Bertinshaw, Sebastian Brück, David Cortie, Frank Klose and Clemens Ulrich.

New molecule puts researchers a step closer to understanding hydrogen storage
(July 2014)

Alison J. Dhayal Rajendra, Ping-Kuei Liao, Jian-Hong Liao, Ming-Hsi Chiang, Ross O. Piltz, Samia Kahlal, Jean-Yves Saillard, and C. W. Liu

A new crystal structure family of oxide-ion conductors: NdBaInO4
(July 2014)

Kotaro Fujii, Yuichi Esaki, Kazuki Omoto, Masatomo Yashima, Akinori Hoshikawa, Toru Ishigaki and James Hester.

Simultaneous differential scanning calorimetry and small-angle neutron scattering
(April 2014)

Stewart Pullen, Norman Booth, Scott Olsen, Benjamin Day, Ferdi Franceschini, David Mannicke and Elliot Gilbert.

Cryoprotection by trehalose

(March 2014)

Ben Kent, Tamim Darwish, Chris Garvey, Taavi Hunt, Gary Bryant and Thomas Hauß.


2013 highlights  

Insights into glacial and ice sheet flows from novel ice deformation experiments combined with neutron diffraction analysis

(December 2013)
Sandra Piazolo, Mark Peternell and Christopher Wilson.

Stress distributions in granular materials

(November 2013)
Chris Wensrich, Erich Kisi, Vladimir Luzin and Oliver Kirstein


Magnetism in battery materials

(August 2013)
Max Avdeev, Chris Ling, Hamdi Yahia, Horonori Kobayashi, Masahiro Shikano and Prabeer Barpanda


New deuterated phospholipids with unsaturated and branched alkyl chains from the National Deuteration Facility

(January 2013)
Tamim Darwish, Nageshwar Rao Yepuri, Greta Moraes, Marie Gillon, Peter Holden and Michael James

2012 highlights  

Giant magnetoelastic effect in a 5d transition-metal oxide

(September 2012)
Wojciech Miiller, Qingdi Zhou, Brendan Kennedy, Siegbert Schmid, Peter Blanchard, Chris Ling, Maxim Avdeev, Neeraj Sharma, Ramzi Kutteh, Gordon Kearley and Kevin Knight


Ferroelectric charge order Stabilized by antiferromagnetism in multiferroic LuFe2O4

(August 2012)
Annemieke Mulders, Maciej Bartkowiak, James Hester, Ekaterina Pomjakushina and Kazimierz Conder


Using neutron reflectometry to determine the location of antimicrobial peptides from Australian frogs in model biological membranes

(April 2012)
David Fernandez, Thomas Whitwell, Frances Separovic, Anton Le Brun, Paramjit Bansal and Michael James


Simultaneous measurement of structure and viscosity changes during starch cooking

(March 2012)
James Doutch, Mark Bason, Ferdi Franceschini, Kevin James, Douglas Clowes and Elliot Gilbert

2011 highlights 

Role of residual stresses in rail squat formation

(November 2011)
Sarvesh Pal, William  Daniel, Andrej Atrens, Vladimir Luzin and Malcom Kerr


Investigating the morphology and stability of thin-film organic light emitting diodes

(September 2011)
Arthur Smith, Jeremy Ruggles, Hamish Cavaye, Paul Shaw, Ian Gentle, Paul Burn, Tamim Darwish, and Michael James


Strain-scanning measurements of OPAL cold neutron source vacuum containment welds

(May 2011)
Marty Jones, Warren Brown, Vladimir Luzin, Phil Bendeich and Michael Law


High temperature magnetism in CaTcO3 and SrTcO3

(March 2011)
Max Avdeev, Melody Carter, Gordon Thorogood, Tony Cheetham, Brendan Kennedy, Jimmy Ting, Anna Llobet,

Frederic Poineau, Efrain Rodriguez, Ram Seshadri, David Singh and Kia Wallwork

2010 highlights 

Artificially modulated chemical order in thin films: A different approach to creating ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic interfaces

(October 2010)
Thomas Saerbeck, Frank Klose, Anton Stampfl, Sergey Danilkin, Mohana Yethiraj, Dieter Lott, Andreas Schreyer, Gary Mankey, Zhihong Lu, Patrick LeClair and Wolfgang Schmidt


Producing deuterated oleic acid at the National Deuteration Facility

(August 2010)
Tamim Darwish, Emily Luks, and Marie Gillon


Real-time observations of structural changes in a commercial Li-ion battery

(June 2010)
Neeraj Sharma, Vanessa Peterson, Hui-Chia Su, Chih-Wei Hu and Chih-Hao Lee


Solid-state dendrimer sensors: Probing the diffusion of an explosive analogue using neutron reflectometry and in-situ photoluminescence spectroscopy

(May 2010)
Hamish Cavaye, Arthur Smith, Michael James, Andrew Nelson, Paul Burn, Ian Gentle, S.-C. Lo and Paul Meredith

2009 highlights 

Observation of soft phonon modes in superionic copper selenide - First experiment on our Taipan thermal 3-axis spectrometer

(December 2009)
Sergey Danilkin, Mohana Yethiraj and Don Kearley


Negative thermal expansion in porous frameworks

(0ctober 2009)
Vanessa Peterson, Don Kearley, Yue Wu, Timmy Ramirez-Cuesta, Ewout Kemner and Cameron Kepert


Platypus untangles the structure of microphase separated diblock copolymer thin films

(June 2009)
Chiara Neto, Wilasinee Sriprom, Andew Telford, Sebastien Perrier, Michael James and Andrew Nelson


Effects on fracture behaviour in a welded branch connection

(March 2009) 
Michael Law, Vladimir Luzin and Oliver Kirstein

 2008 highlights  
 Turning negative thermal expansion

(November 2008)
Samuel Duyker, Vanessa Peterson and Cameron Kepert


Directional atomic rearrangements during transformations between the α and γ-phases in Titanium Aluminides

(August 2008)
Klaus-Dieter Liss, Andreas Stark, Arno Bartels, Helmut Clemens, Thomas Buslaps, Dominic Phelan and LaReine Yeoh


A study of thin-film structures, important for spin-electronics applications, found that chemical ordering process is causing magnetic exchange bias

(April 2008)
Dieter Lott, Frank Klose, Hailemariam Ambaye, Gary Mankey, Prakash Mani, Max Wolff, Andreas Schreyer, Hans Christiansen and Brian Sales


 2007 highlights 
 Zener double exchange and charge ordering in magnetite: new insights in electronic conductivity

(November 2007)
Rob McQueeney, Mohana Yethiraj, Wouter Montfrooij, Toby Perring, George Honig and Patti Metcalf


X-ray and neutron scattering reveal synaptic arrangement of the neuroligin/beta-neurexin complex

(October 2007)
Davide Comoletti, Alexander Grishaev, Andrew Whitten, Igor Tsigelny, Palmer Taylor and Jill Trewhella


Free-liquid surfaces can now be studied with our X-ray reflectometer

(September 2007)
Andrew Nelson and Tracey Hanley


First experiments with 7T cryomagnet

(May 2007)
Wayne Hutchison, Darren Goossens, Glen Stewart, Katsuhiko Nishimura, Andrew Studer and Maxim Avdeev


Orbital dynamics of the 4f shell in DyB2C2 studied using inelastic neutron sacttering

(May 2007)
Urs Staub, Annemieke Mulders, Oksana Zaharko, Stefan Janssen, Tetsuya Nakamura and Stephen Lovesey


Structural characterisation of resistant starch fractions from extruded maize, a study important for gut health and the prevention of several diseases
 (April 2007)

Amparo Lopez-Rubio and Elliot Gilbert

 2006 highlights 
Effect of chain architecture on the shear induced crystallisation of branched and linear PET
(August 2006)
Tracey Hanley, Robert Knott, David Sutton and Ellen Heeley
2005 highlights   
 MOTOFIT: Simultaneous fitting of multiple contrast neutron and X-ray reflectivity data

(November 2005)
Andrew Nelson


X-ray and neutron reflectivity studies of plasma polymer coatings
(August 2005)
Andrew Nelson, Michael James, Keith McLean, Patrick Hartley and Ben Muir


Residual-stress measurements in laser-clad-repaired low-pressure turbine blades for the power industry
(March 2005)
Phil Bendeich, David Carr, Ken Short, Richard Blevins, Caroline Curfs, Oliver Kirstein, Gerard Atkinson, Tom Holden and Ron Rogge


Time-resolved electric-field neutron-dffraction experiments in the microsecond range 
(Jan 2005)
John Daniels, Trevor Finlayson, Andrew Studer and Mark Hagen

 2004 highlights 

Hydrogen-bonded polyrotaxane-like structure containing cyclic (H2O)4 in [Zn(OAc)2 (m-bpe)]•2 H2O 
(December 2004)
Meng Tack Ng, Theivanayagam Deivaraj, Wim T. Klooster, Garry McIntyre and Jagadese Vittal 


Rotational dynamics of methyl groups in m-xylene
(November 2004)
Oliver Kirstein, Michael Prager, Rob Dimeo and Arnaudt Desmedt


Scratching the surface with neutrons - reflectometry at HIFAR
(November 2004)
Andrew Nelson, Michael James and Jamie Schulz


Phase separation in paraffin blends by simultaneous small-angle scattering and calorimetry
(August 2004)
Elliot Gilbert, David Sutton, Andrew Nelson, Nick Terrill, Chris Martin, Jyotsana Lal and Ed Lang


Small-angle X-ray scattering study of shear-induced crystallisation in polypropylene
(April 2004)
David Sutton, Tracey Hanley, Robert Knott and David Cookson


The phase diagram and tetragonal superstructures of the rare earth cobaltate phases Ln1-xSrxCoO3-d (Ln = La3+ - Yb3+)
(March 2004)
Michael James, David Cassidy, Darren Goossens and Ray Withers.


Structure refinement and chemical analysis of Cs3Li(DSO4)4, formerly 'Cs1.5Li1.5D(SO4)2'
(January 2004)

Wim Klooster, Ross Piltz, Tetsuya Uda, and Sossina Haile