The Food Science Project


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The food science project, launched in July 2006, applies nuclear-based techniques to investigate fundamental and industrial problems of national significance in food science.

The current interests of the group relate to determining structure-function relationships in food-based systems, such as lipids, proteins and polysaccharides, with direct applications to food processing and human nutrition.

Neutron and X-ray scattering methods naturally feature extensively in our work with SANS being conducted primarily on our 40m instrument, Quokka. Recent articles providing a general introduction to the subject can be found in and

Project team

Dr Elliot Gilbert (Project Leader)
Marta Martinez Sanz
Dr James Doutch
Dr Jaroslav Blazek
Ms Rhonda Tang
Dr Cat Kealley
Dr Amparo Lopez-Rubio
Dr Anna Sokolova
Dr Jitendra Mata
Dr Antonio Benedetto

For further information about the project and how our methods can be applied to food based systems, contact Dr Elliot Gilbert.