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Modern diffraction methods applied to Thermo-Mechanical Processes in materials science.


The project "Modern Diffraction Methods Applied to Thermo Mechanical Processes in Materials Science" uses diffraction methods to study deformation processes in metals, particularly related to high temperature processing and performance under extreme conditions. This project brings together the experts of instrumentation, materials physics, and mechanical engineering.


Metals are used throughout engineering in many parts of our life, such as steel for construction, light metal for the transportation industry, heat resistant alloys and intermetallic compounds for high-temperature engines, to name but a few.


The mechanical properties strongly depend on the microstructure, the admixtures, and the thermo-mechanical production process, such as rolling or annealing. On the other hand, mechanical load, heat or radiation leads to fatigue and failure of the material, which itself are thermo-mechanical processes.


The fundamental understanding of the material from the microstructure to the atomic scale plays an important role for reduced cost in the production, lighter weight, and a better prediction of the lifetime before failure.