The data acquisition electronics is a combination of hardware and software used to histogram neutron event data. 2-dimensional He3 neutron detectors encode their data in the form (x,y,t). The event information is histogrammed and stored along with the configuration of the instrument in a NeXus file. Data reduction and data analysis is then carried out on these files using NeXus enabled programs.


The design includes:


  1. A common time-stamping card for Brookhaven National Laboratory and Ordela detectors
  2. A common time-stamping card for Denex delay line detectors
  3. The time-stamping cards communicate (x,y,t) data via the PCI bus to PC memory
  4. Event data is histogrammed by code written in C, running on an x86-64 processor on Linux
  5. The histogram is served to clients via http

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