The design goal was to 'lower the barrier' to new instrument users and to give experienced users 'full control' of the OPAL reactor Neutron Beam Instruments. Scientist are freed to concentrate on the science of their experiment.


Neutron Beam Instruments in North America and Europe were reviewed, providing the opportunity to design the ICT systems to world class standards.


The findings of the review can be found in the December 2002 workshop report and the subsequent data analysis March 2004 workshop report and GRID computing December 2005 workshop report.


The computing and electronics group develops and maintains software and hardware in 7 key areas:


  1. Instrument Control Program SICS
  2. Graphical User Interface GumTree
  3. Data Analysis under GumTree
  4. Data Acquisition Electronics
  5. Motion Control
  6. Interlocks
  7. Electrical Supply

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