Instrument schedules

The information status monitor shows current experiments, reactor and cold source status.


Please find below links to the schedules for each of the neutron beam instruments at the OPAL Research Reactor:


OPAL Reactor Schedule


All of OPAL's Neutron Beam Instruments - schedule


BILBY time-of-flight SANS - schedule

DINGO neutron radiography/tomography/imaging - schedule

ECHIDNA high-resolution powder diffraction - schedule

EMU backscattering spectrometer - schedule

JOEY Laue crystal-alignment station - schedule

KOALA Laue diffractometer - schedule

KOOKABURRA ultra-small-angle neutron scattering - schedule

KOWARI strain scanner - schedule

PELICAN cold-neutron time-of-flight spectrometer - schedule

PLATYPUS neutron reflectometer - schedule

QUOKKA small-angle neutron scattering - schedule

SIKA cold-neutron 3-axis spectrometer - schedule

TAIPAN thermal 3-axis spectrometer - schedule

WOMBAT high-intensity powder diffractometer - schedule


 X-ray and other instruments:


Bruker small-angle X-ray scattering - schedule

HECUS small-angle X-ray scattering - schedule

X-ray reflectometer - schedule

Physical Properties Measurement System - schedule