Joey Neutron Laue Camera for Single - Crystal Alignment

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Clemens Ulrich

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Instrument Layout for the Joey neutron laue camera for single- crystal alignment
Layout of the Joey Neutron Laue Camera



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JOEY is a Laue-diffraction neutron alignment camera. Its purpose is to aid scientists in the characterisation and alignment of single crystals prior to an experiment on one of the high-flux instruments, such as the 3-axis instruments TAIPAN and SIKA, the single-crystal diffraction instrument KOALA, and the diffractometers WOMBAT and ECHIDNA.


The ability to align single crystals quickly, and to test for sample quality prior to a scheduled experiment, helps scientists optimise their beamtime and improve the quality of their results.


JOEY utilises a flat neutron scintillator in conjunction with wide-area CCD cameras to detect backscattered neutrons. A white beam of neutrons passes through the centre of the detector, which scatters off the single-crystal sample and is detected by the scintillator screen.


A Laue diffraction pattern is measured after only a few seconds of exposure. The sample sits on a goniometer stage which enables fast crystal rotation and alignment. JOEY is designed in such a way that sample environments like standard cryostats or furnaces can be used on the instrument.





Neutron Source

OPAL Reactor Thermal Guide 3

Wavelength range:  0.8 – 3.2 Å
Neutron flux: 0.3-20*106 n/cm2/s
Incident-beam aperture: max 1 cm


Imaging Camera: by Photonic Science

Setup to detect backscatter
Neutron scintillator screen: 6LiF:ZnS:Ag
Two high-resolution CCD cameras: 1680x1320 pixels, 0.2 sec readout time


Sample stage ranges: by Huber

xy-stage: 360° with lateral translation
z-stage: ±20 mm vertical motion
Upper goniometer: ±18°
Lower goniometer: ±15°


Stage-positioning accuracy:

Gonio Rx/Ry-axis: ±15”
Stage rotation: ±15”
Stage translation: ±5µm


Sample Environments:

Load capacity: 200 kg
Orange cryostat
Blue furnace