Bragg Labs

The Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering Laboratories consist of four laboratories adjacent to the Neutron Guide Hall within the OPAL Neutron Beam Facility:


  • Chemistry laboratory (wet chemistry and powders).
  • Biology laboratory (wet chemistry, no powders and low level bio-hazard biological materials only).
  • Furnace laboratory (furnace work and powders).
  • West-side chemistry laboratory (wet chemistry, no powders) - convenient to the SAXS, X-ray Reflectometer, Quokka and Platypus instruments.


These laboratories are for final sample preparations required before experiments on the Neutron Beam or X-ray Instruments. No syntheses are to be carried out.


Access to the laboratories is contingent on successful completion of laboratory safety training. Laboratory safety training is done via an online module and induction tour on arrival and an approved risk assessment where required.


Laboratory space and equipment must be booked as part of your proposal via the ACNS Customer Portal.


Information available:


Laboratory safety
Laboratory equipment Samples