A variety of furnaces are available to heat samples above room temperature, under vacuum, atmosphere or with gas delivery. Please note that devices which can reach both cryogenic and furnace temperatures are considered to be cryofurnaces.


1600°C ILL type vacuum furnace



1600°C ILL-type vacuum furnace
Ancillary code: F-1

Maximum temperature: 1600°C  (900°C with gas delivery)

Sample space diameter: 40 mm


Used on:


The 1600°C ILL-type high vacuum furnace is heated by passing up to 300 A through a thin niobium element. The outer furnace body is made of aluminium and there are various heat shields to contain the heat. The sample is mounted to a sample stick with a 40 mm bore.

Gases can be delivered to the sample when the specially designed quartz, alumina or stainless steel gas delivery sticks HTS-1 associated with the furnace. In this case the temperature is limited to 900°C. Please contact the Sample Environment Group for more details.


A second identical furnace F-7 is kept as a spare, and cannot be booked separately to F-1. 


This plot (lower left - click for larger image) shows experimental data taken in November 2015 of the temperature of the furnace in use on PELICAN. It is noteworthy that the temperature does not deviate from any set point (in this run, up to 1250°C) by more than 1°C. 


Air furnace
Ancillary code: F-2

Maximum temperature: 1100°C


Used on:


Halogen lamp furnace 
Ancillary code: F-4

Maximum temperature: 1000°C


Used on:


This furnace is for use with KOWARI 100kN load frame P-2.

SE_F-5 Low temperature vacuum furnace

Ancillary code: F-5

Maximum temperature: 500°C


Used on:


F-5 can be used to heat to temperatures of up to 500°C, which is a range difficult to regulate with F-1. 


Samples can be mounted in vanadium cans. A gas delivery setup is also available, where samples are contained in stainless steel pressure vessels P-8 and P-9

SE_F-6 Environmental chamber

Ancillary code: F-6

Maximum temperature: 100°C


Used on:


This environmental chamber is used to keep physically large samples at a well-controlled temperature between room temperature and 100°C. A constant flow of nitrogen gas passes over two heater elements to warm the sample mounted inside the chamber. A sliding door provides easy access to the sample mount. 


It can be used on KOWARI by mounting it on the load frame P-2. Otherwise, it can be mounted on a base which fits the sample stage of ECHIDNA, TAIPAN and WOMBAT.