Accessing online induction

This page provides you information on how to access the online induction.

1. Click on the appropriate shortcut on the desktop to launch your online induction. If there are no shortcuts on the desktop, open an internet explorer page and type the following in the address bar:

  • Contractor Safety Induction (All Contractors)

  • Site Safety Induction (New ANSTO workers)

  • Radiation Safety Induction 

2. Log into the Online Induction Module indicated by your ANSTO Supervisor or Contractor Supervisor

  •  User Name: induction
  • Password: safety
3. Maximise your browser window to ensure all buttons and information can be seen
4. These modules contain audio, use the headphones provided
  • You will not be able to click next until audio has played on each page
5. Click start to launch induction:
6. Use volume control connected to the cable of your headphones
7. Use the Next Arrow Button as above to scroll through the pages
8. Answer all questions
  • Induction will not continue unless 100% is achieved
DO NOT close any windows while in progress
9. Enter ALL information following completion as indicated by the page
10. Contact Safety training if you have any questions