Data Archiving


Our goals for data archiving are:


  • A high-quality long-term archive for raw data taken under all non-proprietary proposals. 
  • A robust mechanism for handling future storage-technology changes, including retrieval of data.
  • To leverage Australian Government initiatives in e-Science, to the benefit of our users. 
  • A belief that the scientific world is heading towards more open-access to raw data taken at publicly funded research facilities (e.g. telescopes, the Human Genome Project, etc.) 
  • A need to show a clear and transparent return on investment to the Australian Government, for its capital and operational investment in OPAL and its instruments.
  • The desire to protect scientific priority for our users (especially PhD students), for a reasonable period.


These considerations only apply to non-proprietary research at OPAL, with the following definitions of proprietary and non-proprietary research.


Proprietary Work:

Fee-for-service & 100% ownership of data 

Safety review of proposed

Non-proprietary Work:

Scientific peer review of proposal (including safety review) 
Raw data will be deposited in a public-access archive after 3 years, unless requested to do otherwise by PI of proposal.
Other useful webpages: Data Access Policy at the Australia Telescope

 Data Access Policy at the European Southern Observatory in Chile

 Human Genome Project: Policy Forum

 Human Genome Project: Data Release and Access