Departing ANSTO:


Upon departure the following actions must be carried out:


  • Returning all equipment and sample holders
  • Disposal of chemical wastes on consultation with the lab manager
  • Cleaning ad tidying laboratory space and returning equipment/glassware (if applicable), returinig lab worksheet


  • Samples;

- All samples that have been used in a neutron beam experiment must be cleared by a health physics surveyor for radioactive contamination before they leave the facility.

- Instruction on how to prepare your samples for clearance will be given during your induction. Sample clearance will be available every week day.

- If you are unable to take your samples with you when you leave they will be stored for you to collect on your next visit. Please note we do not organise for samples to be mailed/couriered back to you.

- If you do not wish to take your samples with you, contact the Lab Manager to arrange appropriate disposal.

After departure: