Requesting beam time


Online Proposal Submission System

Beam time can be requested on-line for access to the OPAL neutron-beam facility (NBF); for more details on online system see below. Proprietary research may be performed on a fee-for-service basis (Commercial Rates are available).


New users: If you would like to have more information how neutrons could help your research please contact us.


Planning your experiment

Your proposal with a beam-time request will be judged on the basis of:


  • Scientific background
  • Aim of the proposed experiment
  • Detailed description of experiment (remember that referees might not be experts in the field)
  • Safety assessment of proposed experiment
  • Results of preliminary work carried out (e.g. using X-rays, NMR, etc.)
  • Reason for choice of requested instrument
  • How you calculate the requested beam time (depending on number of samples, and sample-environment conditions such as temperature, etc. for each sample)
  • List of relevant published literature.

We encourage you to discuss your proposal with one of the instrument scientists before submission; we are happy to assist you in establishing contact with our scientists as necessary; please contact us.

Online submission

There will be two proposal rounds a year in March and September of each year. Access the online user proposal submission system.


When using the online proposal submission system please enable Javascript. It is also advised to enable cookies and pop-ups (for example, for help windows); download guide here.


You can access the system by creating an account. After having filled in your personal details you can write your proposal. The proposal is divided in several sections (menu bar on top) asking for information on: experiment, researchers, instruments, samples and figures. On submitting your proposal you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions.

Beam-time allocation

Non-proprietary proposal will be peer reviewed for scientific merit, and all proposals will be reviewed for technical feasibility and safety issues.


The Program Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Leader of the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering concerning the allocation of beam time. Please see here for review process.