Upon Arrival






Bringing your car onsite   


Visitor parking is available out the front of the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering building for your convenience. The parking spaces are clearly marked 'visitor parking'.

Any vehicle brought onsite is to be registered with security prior to driving it onsite. Your vehicle can be registered the day you arrive with security (office hours: 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday).



For individuals with an ANSTO security pass    


 When entering and leaving the ANSTO site, drive through and swipe your security pass in front of the sensors. if you have a hire car or are taking a different car onsite it must be registered with security beforehand at the reception centre. With this pass you are allowed to bring a camera mobile phone on site, but photography is strictly forbidden. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) may access your camera mobile phone to check no photos have been taken while on site.



For individuals without an ANSTO security pass


On arrival at ANSTO visitors should proceed to Reception. As a visitor you must register with the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering at least 48 hours in advance, failure to do so may result in refusal of entry. You will be required to show photo identification, either a passport or an Australian driver's licence. You are not able to bring any cameras on site, this includes camera mobile phones. Please note that lockers are available at Reception.


Scientists who need to pick up their ANSTO security pass should proceed to ANSTO reception.



Induction tour  

An induction tour of the facility will be conducted on arrival (subsequent to successful completion of required online training). The induction tour will familiarise you with the layout and important safety features of the facility and includes:

• Meeting point: Building 83 inside the meal room (see picture)

Bldg 83 Mealroom

• Building walk around - mandatory (15-20 min.)
• Radiation safety and health-physics induction - mandatory (10-15 min.)
• Laboratory induction - mandatory (15-20 min.)
• Cryogenics and compressed gases induction - only if used
• Neutron-beam instrument induction -as applicable to your work

The induction tour will be finalised by your signature on the induction tour form including a user agreement. This induction training is valid for 3 years.


Sample Labelling   

During your induction training you will be shown how to print the barcoded labels (generated from your proposal) for your samples and reagents. All samples and reagents should be labelled on arrival but must be labelled after use in a neutron beam experiment.



Use of Laboratories