Australian Synchrotron


The Australian Synchrotron produces powerful beams of light that can be used at individual experimental facilities, known as beamlines, to examine the atomic and molecular detail of a wide range of materials from health and medical, food, environment, biotechnology, nanotechnology, energy, mining, agriculture, advanced materials and archaeological research. The results are superior in terms of accuracy, quality, robustness and the level of detail that can be seen and collected much faster than with traditional laboratory tools.

Linac Accelerator at the Synchrotron
Linear accelerator section of the Australian Synchrotron.




  • additive and chemical manufacturing
  • biofortification and solid state analysis
  • commercial process validation
  • composite materials
  • drug discovery
  • energy extraction and conversion
  • energy storage and transportation
  • environmental monitoring
  • health product and medical device development
  • mineral processing
  • resource exploration

Capabilities/facilities (beamlines)


Case studies

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For enquiries please contact us on or call +61 3 8540 4100


Access by researchers to the Australian Synchrotron, under an expectation to publish results, is merit-based through a proposal program made via the Synchrotron User Portal. Paid access allowing for confidentiality and support to industry can be arranged through the Industry Engagement  team.

Recent research highlights enabled by the Australian Synchrotron


Alzheimers peptide shown as a stick model Researchers from St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research have used the Australian Synchrotron to reveal important new detail of the structure of a drug currently in advanced clinical trials to combat Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more


breastmilk thumbnailThe Australian Synchrotron has been used to understand how breast milk forms into highly organised structures at the nanoscale, during digestion; further research will be conducted at the synchrotron to drive innovation in breast milk products that deliver nutrients to infants. Learn more