Animal care and ethics


ANSTO as a leading science research organization in Australia is committed to the ethical, humane and responsible care of animals used for scientific purposes. As such, ANSTO has established an Animal Care and Ethics Committee: 



For further information on the operation of the ACEC please refer to the ACEC Charter and Terms of Reference.


Collaborative research 


ANSTO may be involved in collaborative research projects with other researchers, personnel and institutions. Where research is conducted with the involvement of other non-staff personnel or institutions, the ANSTO investigators must consult with the Executive Officer, ACEC to determine which institution has primary responsibility. In collaborative research projects the Principal Investigator shall submit an overarching collaborative agreement between ANSTO and the other Institution(s). The collaborative agreement is to be reviewed by the AEC(s) of all relevant institutions. 


Grievance Procedures 


ANSTO has a complaints and non-compliance procedure that provides for reporting and fair resolution of complaints or disagreements between parties with respect to the care, use and supply of animals for research purposes. Any person who is concerned about the care and welfare of animals involved in research at ANSTO (or associated research facilities) is encouraged to report through the channels described in the procedure.



For enquiries please contact the ACEC Executive Officer: 

Mr Ian Coady or (02) 9717 9149 



Animal Care and Ethics Committee

New Illawarra Road

Lucas Heights.