Facilities and Instruments


ANSTO makes its nuclear science and engineering facilities available to the research community and industry through peer-reviewed, collaborative and commercial arrangements. We have provided links to some of ANSTO's most sought-after facilities and instruments. 


OPAL Pool media centre thumbnailAustralian Synchrotron Open Day aerial photo thumbnailBILBY QUOKKA in page image
OPAL Research ReactorAustralian Synchrotron Neutron beam instruments 
Inside OPAL pool media centre thumbnailNew accelerator media centre thumbnailCamperdown Cyclotron
Neutron Activation AnalysisCentre for Accelerator ScienceCamperdown Cyclotron facility
OLED Technology media centre thumbnail  
National Deuteration Facility  

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If you require more information or assistance in accessing ANSTO facilities please visit the user access webpage.