Movement of fluids, particulates and contaminants in aquatic and terrestrial environments 

Cath Hughes contaminants research

Short-lived artificial radiotracers of contaminants, sediments, water and other materials of interest (e.g. heavy metals, nutrients, nanoparticles) are useful to study flow/movement and partitioning in natural (terrestrial and aquatic) and industrial environments. Examples include sediment transport in coastal waterways, dispersion of sewage or contaminants from outfalls, contaminated sites and groundwater, movement or partitioning of contaminants and nutrients in soils.


Field or laboratory scale studies are possible. Radiotracer studies are non-routine and must be discussed with an ANSTO Contact Scientist prior to submitting a proposal. Generally this capability is only available in conjunction with ANSTO research or at commercial rates.


For radiotracing in biological systems in the laboratory please see the Radiobiology and Bioimaging pages



Capability Selection


  • Radioisotope tracer techniques




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