Types of deuterated molecules produced

In this table you will find a list of the types of deuterated molecules produced at the National Deuteration Facility.

Saturated fatty acids, alcohols, bromides, amines, aldehydes, thiols, alkanes

Partial and perdeuterated recombinant proteins

Saturated diacids and bifunctional surface active molecules


Double and triple labelled recombinant proteins Deuterated silanes

Unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. oleic acid)

Membrane protein detergents (e.g. DDM and OG)

Glyme and glycol ethers

Deuterated surfactants including ionic and non-ionic

Lipids including glycerides; phospholipids (e.g.DOPC and POPC); and selective deuteration of lipids (head deuterated, tail deuterated and fully deuterated)


Aromatics and heterocyclics for MOFs Compounds for organic light emitting diodes
Compounds for solar cells Electrolytes for batteries

Selective deuteration of small molecules 


Biopolymers – cellulose, chitosan, chitin, PHAs