Nuclear Materials Development and Characterisation 


ANSTO Nuclear Materials Development and Characterisation provides a unique set of capabilities to enable the synthesis, processing, engineering, testing and characterisation of the structure-property relationships of nuclear relevant materials and other advanced material systems.  



  • Advanced materials for fundamental science and industrially relevant applications
  • Specialist radioactive handling capabilities.



  • Materials synthesis
  • Materials processing
  • Materials testing
  • Materials characterisation
  • Radioactive materials handling
  • Radioactive materials processing
  • Controlled or regulated materials and technology.



  • Large scale chemistry laboratories
  • Analytical chemistry laboratories
  • Advanced materials processing and fabrication facilities
  • X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory
  • Electron Microscopy Facility
  • Engineering High Bay
  • Materials testing facilities
  • Metallography facilities
  • Radioactive laboratories
  • Radioactive processing facilities
  • Radioactive High Bay
  • Radioactive characterisation laboratories
  • Post Irradiation Examination Facility.



For enquiries please contact us on or call +61 2 9717 9111.



Access to ANSTO’s Nuclear Materials Development and Characterisation capabilities and facilities is available via the ANSTO User Portal