Nuclear stewardship


Nuclear Stewardship maintains national capabilities that support industry, government and scientific users. Capabilities include radionuclide metrology, ionising radiation detection and measurement, radioanalytical chemistry and nuclear forensics.


The radionuclide metrology capabilities facilitate the maintenance of Australia’s national standard of measurement for radioactivity (the Becquerel standard) ensuring users of this standard, such as nuclear medicine departments, have access to precise standards for measurement of patient administered radiopharamaceuticals.


The ionising radiaton detection and measurement capabilities provide expertise in support of our client’s needs in the development of new technologies associated for ionising radiation.


The radioanalytical chemistry capability within Nuclear Stewardship measures natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in support of our environmental research programs and our nuclear operations.


Australia’s nuclear forensic capability also resides within Nuclear Stewardship.



  • Measurement traceability for quantities of nuclear medicines administered to patients
  • The development of novel radiation detection technology supporting industry
  • Analysis of anthropogenic radioactivity in support of our environmental research and nuclear operations
  • Nuclear forensics in support of our state and federal police.



  • Precise measurement of quantities of radioactivity
  • Radiation detection and measurement instrumentation development
  • Radioanalytical chemistry techniques including high precision gamma-ray spectrometry
  • GEANT 4 radiation transport modelling
  • Nuclear forensics analysis.



  • Activity Standards Laboratory
  • Detector Laboratory
  • Radioanalytical chemistry laboratories
  • Nuclear Forensics Facility.



For enquiries please contact us on or call +61 2 9717 9111.



Access to Nuclear Stewardship facilities is available via the ANSTO User Portal.