Radiochemistry automation

The Radiochemistry automation capability specialises in custom automation of radiochemistry and cyclotron processes. Systems are typically designed and built by the team to reduce manual handling, to eliminate exposure to radioactivity and chemical hazards and to increase process efficiency and reliability.


The following devices have been built and deployed within ANSTO facilities:


  • automated synthesis module cleaning system for commercial radiochemistry modules (Synthra RNplus, Synthra Gpextent and FlexLab)
  • an automated radioactive Gas Extraction System (GES) to remove the hazardous radioactive gases from the C-11 radiochemistry system and the hotcell
  • automated fraction collectors, radiotracer concentrators and automated radioactive cartridge removal systems.

The team encourages and welcomes contact with ideas and/or enquiries about the automation devices listed above or areas or project collaborations and partnering.




For further information please contact:

Gary Perkins
Phone: +61 2 9565 7632


Ivan Greguric
Phone: +61 2 9717 3759