Radioisotope provision

A diverse set of radioisotopes is available for a variety of applications and fundamental research. These radioisotopes are obtained from: 

  • our Radioisotope R&D program using the OPAL reactor and 18 MeV Camperdown Cyclotron irradiation products,
  • ANSTO Health
  • national partner cyclotrons
  • commercial radioisotopes providers.


We are working to extend this range through international reactor and cyclotron partnerships. The availability of these materials will differ significantly depending on reactor and cyclotron scheduling and demand for non-routine custom irradiated products.


Fundamental to this capability, ANSTO provides well equipped, licensed facilities and well- trained staff to deal with SPECT, PET and other tracing radionuclides. The platform encourages and welcomes contact with ideas and/or inquiries about radioisotopes not listed here, whether it be for servicing the needs of new application areas or project collaborations and partnering.

Please confirm the availability of your selected radioisotope with your ANSTO contact before submitting your proposal.


RadioisotopeHalf lifeEmission typeApplication
Carbon-11 20.3 minutesβ+PET imaging
Fluorine-181.83 hoursβ+PET imaging
Gallium-6868.3 minutesβ+PET imaging
Yttrium-8614.74 hoursβ+PET imaging
Zirconium-893.3 daysβ+PET imaging
Iodine-1244.2 daysβ+PET imaging
Copper-6412.7 hoursβ+, β-PET imaging
Lutetium-1776.65 daysβ-, γSPECT imaging / therapy
Samarium-15346.3 hoursβ-, γTherapy
Iodine-1318.02 daysβ-, γTherapy
Holmium-16626.8 hoursβ-, γTherapy
Chromium-5127.7 daysγTracing
Technetium-99m6.01 hoursγSPECT imaging
Iodine-12560 daysγTracing
Cobalt-57271.8 days(EC), γTracing
Gallium-673.26 days(EC), γSPECT imaging
Indium-1112.8 days (EC), γSPECT imaging
Iodine-12313.2 hours(EC), γSPECT imaging



Capability selections


  • Medical radioisotopes
  • Environmental and industrial radioisotopes .


For further information please contact:


Paul Pellegrini
Phone: +61 2 9717 9708


Ivan Greguric
Phone: +61 2 9717 3759