10MV ANTARES Tandem Accelerator


Antares HIMP
The versatile and powerful 10MV ANTARES accelerator


The 10MV tandem accelerator, named ANTARES, is the largest accelerator in CAS and was first commissioned at ANSTO in 1991. It has source, beamline and end station facilities applicable to both IBA and AMS research. ANTARES is capable of producing and accelerating virtually any naturally occurring isotope to energies up to 100MeV and intensities up to microamperes, depending on the ion species.


ANTARES facilities include:

  • Heavy ion microprobe beamline
  • Elastic recoil detection beamline
  • Actinide beamline
  • 14C AMS beamline
  • 10Be / 26Al / 36Cl AMS beamline
  • Heavy ion gas filled magnet beamline