The 6MV SIRIUS Tandem Accelerator


The new 6MV tandem accelerator, named SIRIUS, is instrumented with a wide range of AMS, IBA and ion irradiation facilities.  The three ion sources include hydrogen and helium sources, and a MC-SNICS sputter source for solid materials. 


SIRIUS has AMS facilities including: 

  • a gas-absorber detector for 10Be analysis
  • a time-of-flight detector
  • a gas-filled magnet and;
  • a general use ionization detector suited to 36Cl and other analyses.

SIRIUS has IBA facilities including:

  • a confocal heavy ion microprobe
  • a surface engineering beamline
  • a nuclear reaction analysis (NRA) and;
  • a heavy ion implantation beamline.


A photo of the 6MV tandem is shown below during testing in Wisconsin, USA. Its installation location at ANSTO will also include the possibility of porting the beam to the existing ANTARES beam hall for simultaneous irradiation experiments. 



The 6MV SIRIUS accelerator for IBA and AMS