Aerosol measurement and fine particle characterisation


Determination of environmental pollutants by Particle Induced X-ray Emission spectrometry (PIXE) analysis of particulate matter on filter papers from air samples. A complete service is provided, including fine particle sampling units, PIXE analysis of filters using the STAR Tandedron facility, and full data evaluation. The number of running days required to successfully complete each project should be discussed with an ANSTO contact scientist before a proposal is submitted.

Access to aerosol measurement and fine particle pollution capabilities should be made through the ANSTO Research Portal

More information on the Aerosol Sampling Program is available on this website

Capability Selections


  • Complete PM2.5 Cyclone sampling unit 
  • Ion beam analysis (IBA) particle analysis of filters: two per week, includes postage and despatch 
  • Black carbon measurements on filters 
  • IBA data interpretation and consulting


Complete PM2.5 Cyclone sampling unit

ANSTO can provide a self-contained PM2.5 cyclone sampling unit including pump and microprocessor control unit to turn off and on at pre-determined times. These units use a stretched Teflon filter designed specifically for ion beam analysis on our accelerators. Talk to our contact people for further information.

Black carbon measurements on filters

The black carbon content on filters can be determined by laser and LED measuring systems developed at ANSTO. Talk to our contact people for further information.

IBA data interpretation and consulting

IBA is a sensitive technique that can be used to estimate elemental concentrations in solid samples in concentrations from (µg/g) to 100% for most elements in the periodic table.



For further information please contact:


Armand Atanacio
Phone: +61 2 9717 3700


David Cohen
Phone: +61 2 9717 3042