Centre for Accelerator Science 


ANSTO has been operating accelerators since 1964. With the injection of $38 million in 2010 the Centre for Accelerator Science (CAS) was commissioned in July 2015. This facility now provides ion beam analysis (IBA) and accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) capabilities for Australian researchers including an extensive array of national and international users from academia, publicly-funded research agencies, industry and government.



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CAS provides key infrastructure for supporting International Atomic Energy Agency activities and provides training across a broad range of disciplines and technologies.


The facility is partly funded from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), an initiative of the Australian Government.




CAS provides users with access to a suite of tools in one location that can be used across:

  • isotopic dating
  • air pollution
  • climate science
  • modification and characterisation of materials
  • radiation damage studies
  • forensic science
  • nuclear detector characterisation
  • microbiological and life science studies.




CAS provides two main capabilities:




For enquiries please contact us on user.office@ansto.gov.au or call +61 2 9717 9111.



Access to CAS is available via the ANSTO User Portal.