Dr Quan Hua

Principal Research Scientist
Phone - +61 2 9717 3671
Quan Hua


Role at ANSTO


Quan Hua is a Principal Research Scientist within the Institute for Environmental Research at ANSTO. He has 20 years working experience in radiocarbon dating and its applications in Quaternary and climate change studies. His current research focuses on radiocarbon calibration, and high resolution proxy records of climate series from coral, speleothems, tree rings and sediments. He has also contributed to developing the capability in preparing ultra-small radiocarbon samples for AMS analysis.




Radiocarbon, tree rings, corals, speleothems, AMS, small-mass radiocarbon, bomb-pulse radiocarbon, radiocarbon reservoir effects, radiocarbon calibration, atmospheric circulation, ocean circulation, archaeology, Angkor.


Qualifications & Achievements


As a team member, Quan was awarded 5,182 K$ in total for 13 successful research grant applications since 2007 (4 ARC Discovery, 1 CERF, 1 DAFF, 1 Australian Antarctic Science Program, 4 ARC LIEF, 1 National Geographic and 1 Environmental Trust Grant). Was awarded a FY 2008 JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan to visit 6 AMS facilities in Japan to discuss and collaborate with Japanese scientists on various aspects of radiocarbon in climate change studies.


Publication of 95 refereed research articles in international journals. Ph.D. in Radiocarbon and Earth sciences, University of Sydney. B.Sc. in Nuclear Physics, Dalat University (Vietnam). Affiliations Member of the AINSE (the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering) Archaeology and Geosciences Specialist Committee. This committee adjudicates about 40-50 projects requesting a total of 500 K$/year. Member of the Asian Dendrochronology Association (ADA) Committee (2007-2008). Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Australasian Quaternary Association (AQUA).


Selected publications

Hua, Q., G.E. Webb, J.-x. Zhao, L.D. Nothdurft, M. Lybolt, G.J. Price, and B.N. Opdyke (2015), Large variations in the Holocene marine reservoir effect reflect ocean circulation and climatic changes, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 422, 33-44, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2015.03.049.

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Harris, D.L., J.M. Webster, A. Vila-Concejo, Q. Hua, Y. Yokoyama, and P.J. Reimer (2015), Late-Holocene sea level fall and turn-off of reef flat carbonate production: Re-thinking bucket fill and coral reef growth models, Geology, 43, 175-178, doi:10.1130/G35977.1

Kosnik, M.A., Q. Hua, D.S. Kaufman, and A. Zawadzki (2015), Sediment accumulation, stratigraphic order, and the extent of time-averaging in lagoonal sediments: a comparison of 210Pb and 14C/amino acid racemization chronologies, Coral Reefs, 34, 215-229.

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