Mr Andrew Jenkinson

Research Scientist
Phone - +61 2 9717 3478
Andrew Jenkinson


Role at ANSTO

Andrew is a member of the Isotopes in Climate Change and Atmospheric Systems Project where he works in Accelerator Mass Spectrometry specialising in radiocarbon dating. He is responsible for the analysis and interpretation of 14C data from both the STAR and ANTARES tandem accelerators as well as being an Accelerator Operator for the measurement of samples on STAR.

Since joining ANSTO in 1985 Andrew's roles have included work as an organic chemist developing radio-iodinated pharmaceuticals principally for the portrayal of neural crest tumors in children, salinity research in the Murray-Darling Basin using 36Cl & 3H to study rainfall and groundwater, analysis of soil erosion and deposition using 137Cs & 210Pb and soil transport studies using 198Au.  He also has experience with U/Th analysis for geochronology studies.  In his current role Andrew works principally in the field of radiocarbon dating and its application to archaeology and climate change studies.




Radiocarbon, Carbon-14, Chlorine-36, Tritium, Lead-210, Caesium-137, U/Th, AMS, Dating, Geochronology, Salinity, Groundwater, Radiochemistry, Gamma-Ray Spectrometry & Alpha Spectrometry.


Qualifications & Achievements


  • Master of Science Management, University of Technology Sydney (2007)
  • Graduate Certificate in Adult Education and Training, University of New England (2003)
  • Diploma of Financial Markets, Securities Institute (2000)
  • Master of Environmental Studies, University of New South Wales (1992)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), Monash University (1984)

Selected publications

Sowada, K, Jacobsen, G.E., Bertuch, F. Palmer, T, and Jenkinson, A. (2011) Who’s that lying in my coffin? An imposter exposed by 14C dating. Radiocarbon 53(2), 221-228.

Harle, K.J., Britton, K., Heijnis, H., Zawadzki, A., Jenkinson, A.V., Jacobsen, G. & Head, L. (2002). Mud, mines and rainforest: a short story of human impact in western Tasmania using pollen, trace metals and lead-210. Australian Journal of Botany Issue 50, 481-497.

Matthai, C., Birch, G. F., Jenkinson, A. & Heijnis, H. (2000). Physical resuspension and vertical mixing of sediments on a high energy continental margin (Sydney, Australia). J. Environmental Radioactivity Vol 52 (2001) 67-89.

Chague-Goff, C., Nichol, S.L., Jenkinson, A.V. & Heijnis, H. (2000). Signatures of natural catastrophic events and anthropogenic impact in an estuarine environment, New Zealand. Marine Geology Vol 167, 285-301.

Gardner, C., Jenkinson, A. & Heijnis, H. (2001). Estimating Intermoult Duration in Giant Crabs Pseudocarcinus gigas. CRAB2001, 19th Lowell Wakefield Symposium January 17-20, Anchorage, Alaska; Crabs in Cold Water Regions: Biology, Management & EconomicsAlaska Sea Grant College Program, AK-SG-02-01, 2002.

Williams, P.W., Marshal A., Ford, D.C. and Jenkinson, A.V. (1999). Palaeoclimatic interpretation of stable isotope data from Holocene speleothems of the Waitomo district, North Island, New Zealand. Holocene 9(6): 649-657.