Ms Cathy Jiang

Analytical Chemist/QA QC Officer
Phone - +61 2 9717 3586
Ms Cathy Jiang


Role at ANSTO

Cathy works in the Radiochemistry group under Dr Nigel Lengkeek and Dr Ivan Greguric.

Leading the Quality Control and Quality Assurance tasks for the Lucas Heights radiochemistry group, Cathy provides analytical support for the synthetic chemistry group.

She carries out HPLC separation, HPLC method development, and spectroscopic analysis (HPLC, MS, analytical LCMS, Prep-LCMS) of intermediate and final compounds, and HPLC metabolite analysis, as needed.  She also performs radiochemical purity analysis of radiolabelled final compounds, logP analysis, and specific activity calculations.


Prior to her current role, Cathy worked at ARI, now known as ANSTO Health, in radiopharmaceutical production and QC Microbiology, where her role was making quality radiopharmaceuticals for hospitals and carrying out microbiological testing.

Areas of expertise and Research Interests

Cathy’s expertise and interest lies in HPLC separation, analysis and method development, and analytical, Prep LCMS.

Qualifications & Achievements

Bachelor of Biotechnology, the University of Western Sydney


Selected publications

Roberts, M. P., Pham, T. Q., Doan, J., Jiang, C. D., Hambley, T. W., Greguric, I., Fraser, B. H. Radiosynthesis and ‘click’ conjugation of ethynyl-4-[18F]fluorobenzene - an improved [18F]synthon for indirect radiolabeling. Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 58(13-14), 473-478 (2015). doi: 10.1002/jlcr.3354


Greguric, I., Taylor, S., Pham, T., Wyatt, N., Jiang, C., Bourdier, T., Loc'h, C., Roselt, P., Neels, O., Katsifis, A. Radiosynthesis of a novel PET fluoronicotinamide for melanoma tumour PET imaging: [18F]MEL050. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 64, 873-879. (2011)


Peyronneau, M., Mattner, F., Howell, N., Jiang, C., Pellegrini, P., Greguric, I., Loch, C., Katsifis, A. Metabolism of CLINDE, a peripheral benzodiazepine receptor SPECT ligand. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 37(2), S242. (2010)