Mrs Xi Li

PhD Student
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LI, Xi


Xi Li ( 李茜) is a PhD student at the University of Wollongong. Her supervisors are Prof. Elena Pereloma at UOW and Prof. Klaus-Dieter Liss at the Bragg Institute at ANSTO.
Her PhD thesis is entitled Characterising the mechanical behaviour of TRIP steels using in-situ experimental techniques.

There are two aims:

1. To evaluate the effect of bake hardening and subsequent mechanical behavior;

2. To conduct correlative studies of phases interactions during mechanical testing.

The neutron diffraction technique is essential for her thesis, in order to gain insight into phase transformations and phase interactions taking place during uniaxial tensile loading. Specifically, the information on bulk texture and fractions of retained austenite, present before and after tensile loading will be determined by using the WOMBAT high intensity diffractometer. She completed her master degree at Central South University (in China), supervised by Prof. Yong Du of the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute at CSU. She studied the phase equilibrium, thermodynamic modeling of the Ga-X(X=B, Ca, Sr, Ba ), Al-Mg-Ce, Al-Mg-Zr and Al-Mg-Sc-Zn systems.


Selected publications


Xi Li, Kaiming Cheng, Xiaoming Yuan and et al. “Thermodynamic assessment of the Ga-X
(X=B, Ca, Sr, Ba) systems supported by first-principles calculations”, CALPHAD, CALPHAD
43 (2013) 52

Cong Zhang, Kaiming Cheng, Weiwei Zhang, Xi Li and et al. “Thermodynamic assessment of the Cd-X(X=Sr, Ti, B, V) systems”, CALPHAD 42 (2013) 6