Prof Klaus-Dieter Liss

Instrument Scientist
Phone - +61 2 9717 9479
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Role at ANSTO


Klaus-Dieter Liss is a senior researcher and instrument scientist (DINGO, WOMBAT) at the Bragg Institute. In the recent years, his research group focuses on neutron and synchrotron diffraction methods for the investigation of thermo-mechanical processes, including in situ and time-resolved measurements and pioneering experiments to study phase transformations, microstructure evolution, order and disorder, and defect kinetics. Klaus-Dieter is an Honorary Professor at the University of Wollongong.


For several years, he also held an ANSTO Senior Research Fellowship, which was complemented in 2013/14 by a fellowship at JAEA in Japan.


Before joining the Bragg Institute at ANSTO in 2004, Klaus-Dieter spent most of his career as senior scientist in major large user facilities. He was responsible scientist and beamline manager for High-Energy X-Rays at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, followed by senior scientist positions at GKSS, DESY, and TUHH in synchrotron materials science.


His PhD was undertaken in neutron and X-ray optics at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) and honored at RWTH Aachen in 1995. Before, he studied General Physics at the TU München, with Diploma Thesis equally at the ILL (1990).


Qualifications and Achievements


  • Published ~100 research articles in international journals & magazines.
  • Presented more than 35 invited lectures at international conferences and meetings in the past 10 years.
  • Organized several international workshops/conferences/schools in the areas of synchrotron X-ray and neutron scattering, materials science, and engineering.
  • Inaugural Senior Research Fellow at ANSTO in 2007.


Areas of Expertise


  • neutron diffraction
  • synchrotron high-energy X-ray diffraction
  • diffraction optics
  • dynamical theory of diffraction
  • time resolved measurements, from seconds to picosecond time scales
  • single crystals, polycrystals, powder materials
  • metallurgy
  • titanium aluminide intermetallics
  • steels
  • light metals
  • phase transformations

Selected publications

K. Yan, D. G. Carr, M. D. Callaghan, K. D. Liss, and H. J. Li, Deformation mechanisms of twinning-induced plasticity steels: In situ synchrotron characterization and modeling, Scr. Mater., 62, 246-249 (2010)


Y. L. Sun, D. D. Qu, Y. J. Sun, K. D. Liss, and J. Shen, Inhomogeneous structure and glass-forming ability in Zr-based bulk metallic glasses, J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 356, 39-45 (2010).


K. Yan, K.-D. Liss, U. Garbe, J. Daniels, O. Kirstein, H. Li and R. Dippenaar, From Single Grains to Texture, Advanced Engineering Materials 11, 771-773 (2009). (from KOWARI, featured on the cover of Advanced Engineering Materials)


T. Schmoelzer. K.-D. Liss, G. A. Zickler, I. J. Watson, L. M. Droessler, W. Wallgram, T. Buslaps, A. J. Studer and H. Clemens, Phase fractions, transition and ordering temperatures in TiAl-Nb-Mo alloys: an in- and ex-situ study, accepted for publication in Intermetallics (2010). (from WOMBAT).


U. Garbe, O. Kirstein, A. Studer, V. Luzin and K.-D. Liss, "Texture And Strain Experiments At OPAL", Materials Science Forum 638-642, 2823-2828 (2009). (1st paper from KOWARI


K. D. Liss, T. d'Almeida, M. Kaiser, R. Hock, A. Magerl, and J. F. Eloy, Time-resolved x-ray diffraction study of laser-induced shock and acoustic waves in single crystalline silicon, J. Appl. Phys., 106, Art. No. 044914 (2009).


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I. J. Watson, K. D. Liss, H. Clemens, W. Wallgram, T. Schmoelzer, T. C. Hansen, and M. Reid, In Situ Characterization of a Nb and Mo Containing gamma-TiAl Based Alloy Using Neutron Diffraction and High-Temperature Microscopy, Adv. Eng. Mater. 11, 932-937 (2009).


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L. A. Yeoh, K. D. Liss, A. Bartels, H. Chladil, M. Avdeev, H. Clemens, R. Gerling, and T. Buslaps, In situ high-energy X-ray diffraction study and quantitative phase analysis in the alpha plus gamma phase field of titanium aluminides, Scr. Mater. 57, 1145-1148 (2007).


K. -D. Liss, A. Bartels, H. Clemens, S. Bystrzanowski, A. Stark, T. Buslaps, F. P. Schimansky, R. Gerling and A. Schreyer, A Study of Recrystallization and Phase Transitions in Intermetallic Titanium Aluminides by In-Situ High-Energy X-Ray Diffraction, Mater. Sci. Forum 539-543, 1519-1524 (2007).


K.-D. Liss, A. Bartels, H. Clemens, S. Bystrzanowski, A. Stark, T. Buslaps, F.-P. Schimansky, R. Gerling, A. Schreyer. "A study of recrystallization and phase transitions in intermetallic titanium aluminides by in-situ high-energy X-Ray diffraction", THERMEC 2006, Materials Science Forum / Advanced Materials Research, submitted (2006).


K.-D. Liss, B. Hunter, M. Hagen, T. Noakes, S. Kennedy. "ECHIDNA - The new high-resolution powder diffractometer being built at OPAL", Physica B, in press (2006).


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