Mr Tony Mowbray

Accelerator Technician
Phone - +61 2 9717 9640
Tony Mowbray


Role at ANSTO

Tony is jointly responsible for the day to day maintenance, running and ongoing development of the STAR and ANTARES accelerators.




Electrical, Electronics, Bespoke Design, Custom Solutions.


Qualifications & Achievements


  • Electrical Fitter/Mechanic
  • Post Trade Industrial Electronics
  • Associate Diploma in Computer Applications (Wollongong University)
  • Built a Business to Business (B2B) integration system for a national wholesaler group, driven through the adoption of Web Services and including a Data Warehouse to analyse/present all sales data
  • Pioneered real world interfacing of mechanical actions to computer based equipment for Civil & Mining Engineering , Wollongong University
  • With a team, designed and built electronic control systems inside Antares and able to withstand terminal voltage discharges of up to 8 Million Volts
  • Day to day support of ANSTO's Ion Acceletators