Mr Vijay Nichani

Data Acquisition Engineer
Phone - +61 2 9717 3601


Vijay's background is Software & Hardware (Analogue & Digital), Embedded Design. He works on data acquisition software for Dingo, Emu & Bilby Instruments. Vijay also works on Pelican & SIKA. He is currently working on High Voltage Protection system for the Detector under Vacuum. This detector protection system would be useful for Pelican, Bilby and EMU as these instrument uses detector under vacuum.


In the past Vijay has worked for the Australian centre of Field Robotics, which is a part of The University of Sydney. He has designed a 24 GHz Radar for Collision avoidance & navigation for Haul truck in open cut mines. The radar was used for Berm Detection and detecting other Trucks in front & back.


Other Designs by Vijay include:


  • A Personnel node which was used in the mine in order to track and protect the personnel. The Personnel Node has a ARM7 embedded unit, a GPS, 433Mhz radio etc just like a mobile phone format except it will last a 12 hr shift.
  • A black box called PSP3 running Linux for Haul Track which was used in Haul Trucks for Navigation & Collision avoidance. This used GPS, 803.11 Radio and Display. Vijay took this equipment from conception to manufacturing.
  • He has also Worked with CHK Gridsense Designing PowerMonic PM40, this used TMS C55x DSP / Actel FPGA based system which was monitoring various characteristic 3-phase such RMS Voltage, Current, Sag, Flicker etc.