Dr Stefania Piantavigna 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
Stefania Piantavigna


Role at ANSTO
Stefania Piantavigna joined the Bragg Institute in September 2015 as a joint postdoctoral research fellow at ANSTO, Monash University and the University of Queensland. Her project, under the supervision of Dr Stephen Holt, Dr Lizhong Le and Dr Frank Sainsbury, consists mainly in the characterisation and optimization of nanoemeulsions. This project involves mainly the use of neutron reflectometry, x-ray reflectometry, ellipsometry and quartz crystal microbalance. 
Functionalised nanoemeulsions constitute a promising alternative for therapeutic, cosmetic purposes. Recently a model of tailorable nanoemulsion (TNE) has been developed by University of Queensland. The interface of this TNE consists of two biosurfactants: a peptide and a protein, which is linked to functional elements (for instance antibodies), for cell targeting purposes. Therefore, understanding the interfacial properties of this complex system is crucial in the optimization of these nanoemulsions.  
Stefania completed her PhD in Chemistry at Monash University, Melbourne in 2015.
During her PhD she investigated the action of various antimicrobial, and cell penetrating peptides on supported lipid membranes. This was done by using quartz crystal microbalance and scanning electrochemical microscopy as techniques. The information obtained would be useful in the development of novel drugs against the antimicrobial resistance. 
Stefania did her undergraduate studies in Biological Science at the University of Studies Milan, Italy. During her undergraduate thesis she investigated the ion selectivity of a determined ion channel protein in artificial membranes. 

Selected publications

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