Dr Andrew Studer

Instrument Scientist
Phone - +61 2 9717 3602
Dr Andrew Studer


Role at ANSTO


Dr Andrew Studer is a research scientist with the Bragg Institute at ANSTO. He is an instrument scientist for the "Wombat" High Intensity Powder Diffractometer. He assists and collaborates with visiting scientists, works with the sample environment team in commissioning new equipment for Wombat, and is responsible for improving and expanding the capabilities of the instrument. He collaborates with visiting scientists whose interests include:


  • high speed stroboscopic studies of piezoelectric materials
  • materials under high hydrostatic, uniaxial or hydrothermal pressures
  • structural studies of novel rare earth magnetic materials
  • diffuse scattering and disordered materials


He is corrently working with a team at the Bragg Institute to add polarisation capabilities to Wombat, and to expand its capabilities for single crystal measurements as a complement to Koala and Taipan.


Qualifications and Achievements


Dr Studer was the instrument scientist responsible for completing and commissioning Wombat. Dr Studer came to ANSTO after completing a PhD degree at the University of Sydney (1996), using time resolved interferometry to measure spectral line profiles in pulsed vacuum arcs. His previous work at ANSTO was as instrument scientist for the Medium Resolution Powder Diffractometer (MRPD) at HIFAR, assisting visitors (mainly carrying out AINSE-supported university research) and ANSTO researchers.


Selected publications

Papers from Wombat


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Papers from MRPD at HIFAR


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