Ms Carol Tadros

Palaeo-environmental Scientist
Phone - +61 2 9717 3506


Role at ANSTO

Carol joined ANSTO in 2002 and specialises in using the stable-isotopes ((1H2H16O and 1H218O) and radio-isotopes (1H3H16O) of water, to improve our understanding of global and regional processes that occur in the atmosphere and at the land surface.


Carol has extensive experience in tritium analysis, CNS analysis, trace metal analysis by AAS and ICP-MS and Stable Water Isotope analysis by FTIR spectrometry. Carol's research is currently focused on understanding the atmosphere-soil-karst system using stable isotopes and trace element chemistry, for the palaeo-environmental interpretation of speleothems.


Qualifications & Achievements


 BSc (Hons I) University of Sydney (2000)


Selected publications

Tadros, C.V., Hughes, C.E., Crawford, J., Hollins, S.E., Chisari, R., 2014. Tritium in Australian Precipitation: a 50 Year Record. J.Hydrol. 513, 262-273


Haverd, V., Cuntz M., Griffith D., Keitel C., Tadros C., and Twining J., 2011 - Measured deuterium in water vapour concentration does not improve the constraint on the partitioning of evapotranspiration in a tall forest canopy, as estimated using a soil vegetation atmosphere transfer model. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology., 151:645-654.

Suni T., Kulmala M., Hirsikko A., Bergman T., Laakso L., Aalto P. P., Leuning R., Cleugh H., Zegelin S., Hughes D., van Gorsel E., Kitchen M., Vana M.,H orrak U., Mirme S., Mirme A., Twining J., and Tadros C., 2007 - Formation and characteristics of ions and charged aerosol particles in a native Australian Eucalypt forest. Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 7: 10343-10369.

Twining J., Stone D., Tadros C., Henderson-Sellers A., and Williams, A.G., 2006 - Moisture Isotopes in the Biosphere and Atmosphere (MIBA) in Australia: a priori estimates and preliminary observations of stable water isotopes in soil, plant and vapour for the Tumbarumba Field Campaign. Global and Planetary Change, 51: 59-72.